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Kamloops Beekeepers Calendar 2024

Annual Beekeepers’ Calendar developed by beekeepers. 

An excellent Christmas gift!

Contains practical steps for managing hives using best practice standards, a guide for both the novice beekeepers and the experienced beekeepers, a monthly Checklist of hive management tasks, Beekeeper Tips, “How To” sections include: “How to reduce the risk of swarms” and “How to Winterize the hive”.  

We encourage you to use this calendar as a journal to record hive management actions, such as treatment days, splits, harvesting days, feeding amounts and weight of hives, outdoor temperature and weather conditions.  Next year you may refer back to the 2024 calendar year’s notes to compare conditions and to help decide when you should take specific beekeeping tasks. 

Our region is of diverse ecosystems and micro-climates, comprising arid semi-desert areas, woodlands, grasslands, and sub-alpine zones.  These diverse environments constitute a real challenge to novice and experienced beekeepers, especially considering when and how to apply specific hive management tasks are dependent upon temperature, weather and hive conditions.   We have attempted to bridge these differences in environmental conditions by relating them to temperature.

Consider using the 2024 Beekeepers’ Calendar as a tool for successfully managing your hives this year.  Consider purchasing several as educational Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers!

Any questions please contact treasurer@kamloopsloopbeekeepers.com


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Kamloops Beekeepers Calendar 2024




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