A Branch of the British Columbia Honey Producers Association

KBC Life Time Membership Nominations

 Lifetime Membership to the KBK

Whereas the Kamloops Branch of the BC Honey Producers Association (BCHPA), also known as the Kamloops Beekeepers Club, KBK, may recognize members who have contributed outstanding service to the KBK, and

Whereas the parent group of the KBK, the BCHPA, has in place a longstanding policy by which members may be granted status of Lifetime Member, this policy of the Kamloops Branch shall not replace or contravene that policy, but only allow the Kamloops Branch to honour some outstanding members of the Branch, and

Whereas the membership of the KBK adopted and passed a motion on January 20 2017 to put in place a policy to that effect, reading;
“That the Kamloops Branch recognize exceptional service to this branch by offering LTM to certain members deemed to meet this criterion (and other criteria in accordance with the BCHPA CONSTITUTION). Eligibility to be determined by the Executive and Officers of the Kamloops Branch.” and

Whereas the Executive acting for the membership of the KBK is asked to adopt this statement as policy and maintain this policy in accordance with that of the Lifetime Membership policy of the BCHPA,

We, the KBK will recognize members who have contributed outstanding longstanding service to the Kamloops Branch of the BCHPA by conferring Lifetime Membership upon those members according to the process and criteria below, and through the agreement of the standing executive officers and directors of the KBK. The local membership fee of those Lifetime Members shall be exempted as long as they remain members in good standing of the BCHPA.

Record of LTM;
The KBK shall maintain a record of those Lifetime Members in each of the Treasurer’s, the Secretary’s, and the President’s records. A published list of those LTMs shall be maintained on the club website. The KBK will exempt the annual membership dues to the KBK for those LTMs as long as they maintain membership in the BCHPA.

A candidate shall have demonstrated all of these criteria for an extended period of membership;
– continued membership to the Kamloops Branch of the BCHPA,
– skillful, responsible beekeeping practises,
– contribution to the development, growth and fellowship of the beekeeping community,
– assistance or guidance to the KBK and beekeeping community

Lifetime membership will be conferred upon any selected member at the AGM of the KBK held in November of each year.
A member must be nominated in a written nomination letter by another member of the KBK, to the President and officers of the KBK. The letter shall provide a description of how the nominee meets the criteria of LTM. The letter shall be signed by the nominator and by two other members of the KBK.
The nomination letter shall be delivered to the President of the Kamloops Branch no later than the First day of November in the year preceding the conferment of LTM. In order to allow the Executive Officers and Directors to consider the nominee, this deadline must be met.

There may be up to one LTM conferred in any year. However this limit may be exceeded under special circumstances.
The Executive Officers and Directors of the KBK will consider the nomination/s and under consideration of the evidence of criteria and knowledge of each nominee’s contribution to the KBK, confer or not confer LTM to the nominee. This decision shall be made in a private meeting of the Executive officers in advance of the AGM of the KBK, with these officers present and voting; president, vice-president/s, treasurer, secretary, all directors. An officer may not abstain from voting unless they are the nominee. An officer may be absent from this meeting but vote by telephone/computer within 48 hours of this meeting.
The selection standard shall be 100% in agreement.
The results of the vote shall be recorded and the results, along with the nomination letter shall be kept in the club records by the president and secretary. The nominator shall be informed of the outcome of the selection process, and the successful candidate/s shall be conferred with LTM and a certificate at the Annual General Meeting of the KBK. A record of those Lifetime Members of the KBK shall be maintained in the club records/minutes, and published annually with the minutes of the AGM.
Will there be a minimum or maximum number of members given this honor each year?
The first year could be exceptional with multiple candidates, but I feel that one per year would be advisable after a couple of years of adopting a policy.


Also needed, is there a standard by which selection should occur or not proceed? 50%? 75% 100% Also, appeals? posted by Rob I will suggest 100%, just to get the discussion started.