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By becoming a member of the Kamloops Branch of the BCHPA you will become part of the local beekeeping scene. You can get to know the local beekeepers and join in the many educational activities that we share. Only by being part of the Kamloops Branch will you get the opportunity to gain from the vast wealth of experience that our members are so willing to share. You will be part of the provincial beekeepers group, and have the personal connection with many local experts and enthusiasts! You can join our branch via the British Columbia Honey Producers’ Association’s website and select BCHPA – Kamloops Branch in the BCHPA Branch or Affiliate Club (optional) section at check-out. 

Kamloops Beekeepers, a branch of the BCHPA, meets bimonthly from September to May. The meetings always consist of an educational portion after the business has been completed. The club also hosts a number of exceptional field days and an incredible picnic for it’s members and families. The Members are always willing to share their years of knowledge with new beekeepers. If you are considering keeping bees it is highly recommended that you join and take part in an active club.

Membership to the Kamloops Beekeepers is free from 2022 and onward, as long as you are a member of BCHPA which starts at $50 (price depends on the number of hives that you have). To have local events with provincial representation for the beekeeping community.

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By joining the BCHPA online you will automatically join the Kamloops Branch (Kamloops Beekeepers Club).