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Decline of the Honey Bee Game

Developed in partnership with Joanne Nicklas of the Kamloops Beekeeping Club

Title: Decline of the Honey Bee Population (grades 4 – 8)

Overview: In this active lesson, students will learn about the decline of one of our well-known pollinators – the honey bee. This is an activity that can be done indoors or out, the game pieces are included at the end of the lesson. Students will be transformed into worker honey bees and they will go about collecting pollen and nectar for their hive. Once the activity is over, the worker bees will classify their collection, and learn their hive’s fate.

Learning Objectives:
Students will be able to:

  • Understand several reasons why honey bee populations are declining due to predators or limiting factors, and the possible consequences.


Download Resource Lesson-Plan-Decline-of-the-Honey-Bee.pdf