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Hive Inspections ; Kamloops & Area

Bee inspections Cache Creek, Kamloops, Barrier areas May 24, 25, 26, & 27, 2020

Hello Fellow Beekeepers,

Thank you for your patience this spring. To say that the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown complications into our lives is an understatement. Add to this a
cold spring with few warm days in a row, bee stock shortages, and some heavy winter colony losses. These factors have posed a scheduling challenge to
safely and efficiently carry out the demand for bee inspections.

Thankfully this coming week looks extremely promising. I intend to do an inspection blitz in Ashcroft, Cache Creek, and Savona on Sunday. Then the
Kamloops area on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with stops on my way back to Soda Creek via Highway 24 including Barrier. If the timing doesn’t work out
for you this go around, I will do one more sweep in about 10 days.

For your safety and mine, you are asked to please keep your distance away from the apiary while I check your bees. Fortunately being outdoors greatly
lessens the chance of covid-19 transmission.

As I group your requests in advance and set appointment times, please let me know if there are any days or times when you are NOT available. While
there’s some flexibility, ideally we can work together to prevent too much travel backtracking.

It would also be super helpful for you to please confirm (if you have one) your cell phone numbers in a return email, or text. My cell number is: 250-267-4452.

Priority will be given to larger operations, and for those waiting on a Sales and/or Movement of Bees PERMIT. Examining dead outs and used beekeeping equipment comes next.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

In the meanwhile, “Bee kind, bee calm, bee safe!”


Diane Dunaway, Apiary Inspector
BC Ministry of Agriculture
Thompson – Cariboo – Central North
tel 250 297 6399 cell 250 267 4452

Provincial Apiary Inspector for the Thompson- Cariboo-Central North Region, Diane Dunaway  is available for apiary inspections.
If you require,  or would like to have her inspect your colonies, you should get in touch with here at:
Diane Dunaway <beecheck@dunawayranch.com>.
or phone 250-297-6399

​Selling or buying used equipment?
​Got something suspicious in your hive?

Diane Dunaway is the Provincial Apiary Inspector for the Thompson-Cariboo-Central North region. You can book an appointment to have her inspect your bees, deadouts, or used equipment by contacting her directly. Call 250-297-6399 or email Diane at beecheck@dunawayranch.com

    If you are moving used bee equipment or bees between apicultural regions of BC or interprovincially, you are required to have these inspected by a provincial apiary inspector who will issue a permit. 

    If you are selling bees or used bee equipment, the Animal Health Act, Bee Regulations require an inspection and permit in advance.

    You can also have any colonies that died overwinter inspected to help determine the causes of mortality. 

    In BC you needn’t be an inspector to submit samples to our provincial lab. This service is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

Here are some pointers for sampling. Send:
• Bacterial “toothpick” brood & wax samples for things like American Foulbrood and European Foulbrood go in plastic, toothpick and all.

• Bee samples go in paper bags. Collect 100 total as a composite sample from a few hive entranceways. To prevent mould and to make sure that the bees are dead, be sure to freeze bee samples for 3 days prior to shipping. 

Send package by mail to:
Attn: Paul van Westendorp, P.Ag.
Provincial Apiculturist

BC Ministry of Agriculture
1767 Angus Campbell Road
Abbotsford, BC V3G 2M3 

Further tests can be conducted by the National Bee Diagnostic Centre in Beaverlodge, Alberta. See their website for fee schedule and services.