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October 2020 Newsletter

October 2020 Newsletter

Hello Kamloops Beekeepers, we hope everyone had a good year of beekeeping this year. It was a bad year for swarms, even nuc’s swarmed this year and swams reported at the end of August. The executive have been meeting monthly to keep things rolling in the background and keep the club going. There have been rumors the club folded but that is not true. Covid has caused all kinds of problems this year, even with a small club like ours. The executive is trying to get some “small” field days going, more info to follow. It will be different from what we are used to.

By now you should have all your honey in jars and mite treatment done. Hives should be heavy with honey and its almost time to wrap if you do that.

We, Kamloops Beekeepers are part of BCHPA and encourage members to join BCHPA as well. When you join you will receive BeesCene quarterly, it’s a very informative magazine and I always look forward to seeing it in the mailbox. Go to BCHPA website and look around, they have lots of info on there for us beekeepers. BCHPA also do online bee seminars so watch for those.

Kamloops Beekeepers website and facebook page will keep you up to date with things happening as well.

Happy Beekeeping all;

BCHPA Regional Rep,
Murray Willis