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Nucs for Sale

6 frame Dadant size (medium) nucs will be available from end of April to the end of May.
I supply one import Queen, 3-4 frames of brood in various stages; 1 frame of honey; 1 frame drawn comb/pollen. Frames will be generously populated with bees.
You will need to supply the equipment to house the nuc (ie: bottom board, medium size super, inner cover, outer cover and 4 medium size frames).

Starter Colonies for sale $350.00
A starter colony is to provide new beekeepers with a simple way to start beekeeping. All equipment will be new with the exception of the nucleus component.
The starter colony will include a bottom board, medium size super, inner cover, outer cover, 4 frames c/w plastic foundation and a 6 frame nucleus as described above.

Bees will have been previously inspected by the dept of agriculture bee inspector ensuring a clean bill of health. Inspection certificate will be supplied.
I produce a very limited supply of these products and they are usually ready end of April to mid May depending on the weather.

This year I will be hosting 2 field days for those individuals purchasing a nuc or starter from me. The first field day will be how to hive your Nuc and different methods of feeding, the second field day will include how and when to add additional supers for colony growth and swarm prevention using foundation and/or drawn comb. Field days will be held in the Kamloops area.

A $100.00 deposit is required on all orders and orders will be taken on a first to deposit first out the gate.
If interested contact
Ed Zurawell

Post expires at 12:25am on Sunday June 28th, 2020