A Branch of the British Columbia Honey Producers Association

May 27th Field Day – Hurray!!

Three cheers for the team that put together the recent field day, “Backyard Beekeeping”! It was a great success! It is a step toward our Mission Statement!

The outcomes of this day are far-reaching and so valuable! It was a real pleasure to join our host Dave Bruce in his backyard apiary and share the fellowship and enthusiasm of our Kamloops Beeks with new and developing beekeepers! The event team, Nancy Burkholder, Ian and Betty Farber and Dave’s grandkids, put together a very comfortable event which was joined by several enthusiastic learners of a broad age and experience spectrum.

Dave, as host, had clearly put a lot of thought and effort into preparing the site and events. Basic hive manipulations along with the necessary details of careful observation and bee care were demonstrated. Participants had ample opportunity to question, observe and learn at their own pace. This is the kind of learning that our members can best provide to new beekeepers.

As we re-establish ourselves in 2023, our second century, as a volunteer service organization, we can hope to engage those hopeful and brave ones that choose to give their efforts to beekeeping. Without commercial, or profit motive, with only the good will and knowledge of those willing to share and learn, together we can make a strong cooperative community. That is the essence of the BCHPA, “to educate and improve the quality of beekeeping in BC”.

Thank you Dave and event team for a great day!! You have made a significant contribution to the quality of beekeeping in the Kamloops community. You make our community stronger and better by your efforts. You are helping to re-establish the Kamloops Beekeepers as the go-to place for new beekeepers.

Robert Hunter