A Branch of the British Columbia Honey Producers Association

KBC GM Jan 18 2022

Kamloops Beekeepers Club
General Meeting Minutes, 18 January 2022 Via Zoom

1. Call to Order: 18:40, 21 present
Board present: Bryce Herman, Ian Farber, Mikael Kjellstrom, Dave Bruce, Klaus Voss, Gary Martin, Duane Robinson, Nancy Burkholder, Trisha Watkinson
Members present: Bruce Butcher, Ed Zurawell, Kenton Moore, Valarie Anderson, Barbara Forster-Rickard, Bonnie Klohn, Catherine, Anne-Marie/Robert Hunter, Edward Perszon, Caroline, Joe Lomond, Murray Willis

2. Approval of agenda: m/Gary, s/Bruce – carried
3. Approval of meeting minutes: m/Gary, s/Dave – carried

4. New Business:
Education presentation:
“Bee Anatomy” presented by Dana Stahlman, Commercial Beekeeper from North Carolina

His recommended reading: Honey bee Democracy by Thomas Seeley Thank you for a very interesting presentation and a great discussion!

5. Action Items:

  1. Introduction of Trisha Watkinson as Secretary.
  2. Meeting formats will continue in virtual format for the immediate future.

Committee reports:

  1. Governance: no report, vacant position
  2. Technology: Mikael, updates on the website have been made and Mailchimp is set up for emailing

    with the membership.

  3. Board Development: no report
  4. Events: Nancy
    1. Western Apicultural Society mini-conference 19 January 2022


    2. Seedy Saturday, 12 March: if you would like to volunteer please connect with Nancy ** may be seeds in the trailer @ Purity; Nancy to confirm
    3. Day of the Honey Bee, 29 May at the Farmer’s Market
  5. Fundraising: has been a challenge but we are working on opportunities to have passive

    fundraising with retailers: buy bee-friendly plants and the club receives a portion of the


  6. Education: Ian, Intro to Beekeeping course will likely not be able to happen in person in March

    due to COVID.

  7. Communications: no report, vacant
  8. Treasurers Report: Dave, the club has around $13,000 in the bank with no outstanding liabilities.

    The approved budget will be posted on the website.

9. Regional Report: Murray

  1. Memberships in or renewed prior to the end of the month in order for the Kamloops

    Beekeepers Club to receive their portion of the dues. If you haven’t signed up or renewed –

    please do so before 31 January

  2. Help available for flooded hives – up to 70%
  3. BCBBA Education series – 19 January 2022 via Zoom meeting with Ian Steppler:



  4. Tech transfer is rolling. The information available for all beekeepers
  5. The semi-annual meeting will be in Zoom format again – March, date TBC

No calendars this year. There is a small desktop one available for printing – will be posted on the website. We will run a photo contest for the 2023 calendar in the spring. Get those cameras ready for a chance at some gift cards!

6. Next meetings:
BOD: 15 February 2022, 18:30 via Zoom
General meeting: 15 March 2022, 18:30 via Zoom

7. Motion to adjourn: m/ Joe 20:38

Minutes in PDF format: 2022-01-18-GM.docx