A Branch of the British Columbia Honey Producers Association

KBC General Meeting March 15, 2022 Minutes

Kamloops Beekeepers Club
General Meeting Minutes, 15 March 2022
TRU, Scratch Café

  1. Call to Order: 19:05; 16 present

Board present: Bryce Herman, Duane Robinson, Nancy Burkholder, Ian Farber, Gary Martin, Joanne Nicklas, Dave Bruce, Trisha Watkinson

Members present: Mac, Brianna, Joie B, Joe L, Marg, Bill, Robert, Scott

  1. Approval of agenda: M Gary, S Joe L – carried
  2. Approval of meeting minutes: M Dave, S Joanne – carried
  3. New Business:
      1. Education presentation, via zoom: Elizabeth Huxter: Queens, Nucs and sustainability
        Presentation available on the website and our YouTube channel
  1. Action Items:
      1. Presentation of thanks to Joe and Marg Lamond, and Robert Hunter for their contributions to beekeeping and the association in Kamloops
      2. Field Day: Saturday, April 23 at one of Duane’s bee yards in Westsyde. Details will be posted on the website and distributed to our members via email as soon as available.
      3. Semi-annual meeting this weekend, virtual-only. Register on the BCHPA website
  1. Committee reports:
      1. Governance: no report
      2. Technology: no report
      3. Board Development: no report
      4. Events:
        1. Seedy Saturday was smaller but well attended. Thanks to all who helped out!
        2. May 29th, Day of the honeybee at the Farmer’s Market
      5. Fundraising: no report
      6. Education: Still unsure about beginner’s beekeeping program. If the location is obtained and approved will send out notices next week.
      7. Communications: no report
      8. Treasurers Report: bank is still sitting well
      9. Regional Report: no report
  1. Next meeting:
      1. BOD, Tuesday 19 April 2022; Kamloops Home Hardware Building Centre boardroom
      2. General Meeting, Tuesday 17 May 2022; TRU, Scratch Café
  1. Motion to adjourn: m/ Duane 20:44

Education presentation, via zoom: Elizabeth Huxter: Queens, Nucs and sustainability