A Branch of the British Columbia Honey Producers Association

KBC BOD Dec 21 2021

BOD Meeting Tuesday, December 21st, 2021 @ 6:30 pm by Zoom

Kamloops Branch of BCHPA

  1. Call to Order; 6:37 pm. Attending: Bryce Herman, David Bruce, Duane Robinson, Gary Martin, Ian Farber, Joanne Nicklas, Mikael Kjellström. This was a Zoom meeting.
  2. Agenda; move to adopt as circulated/posted, m/Duane Robinson, s/Gary Martin, carried
  3. Minutes; move to adopt as circulated to BOD/posted on the website, m/Duane Robinson, s/Mikael Kjellström, carried
  4. Action Items from the minutes;
    • Honorarium Re: Kamloops Branch – BCHPA Operational Manual
      Confirming the budget of the $300 for the honorarium earmarked in 2021.
    • Presentation of Recognition Plaques – On hold until face-to-face meeting in January.
      Recognize Laurence and Rob. Ordered. $20 per piece. Invoice to come. Will be held until the next face-to-face meeting depending on the pandemic restrictions. 
  5. New Business
      • Discussion Re: Dancing Bee Proposal.
        After reviewing the offer, the executive has made the decision to step away from bulk orders.
      • Discussion Re: Selling Approval on Website/Social Media, etc.
        Stay away from posts that sell a product. Instead focus on resources and resource lists to post that are of interest to the membership. Duane offered to assist with FB admin work.
      • Secretary Position, Governance & Communications Chairs – Ideas and Strategy
        Big challenging filling the  Secretary, governance, communication chairs. Face-to-face meetings would be a good place to involve membership to volunteer and recruit in person. Continue to actively recruit for the positions.

Committee Reports:

      • Treasures Report – Dave Bruce (Final Budget)
        End up the year at about $13,000. $1000 donation to the Boone Hodgson Wilkinson Trust. A calendar could generate income for the club next year.
      • Governance – Vacant
      • Technology – Mikael Kjellstrom
        Looking for more volunteers to assist with Facebook/Social Media/Website. Duane agreed to assist with FB.
      • Board Development – Gary Martin
        We have positions to fill. First, up is the Secretary position.
      • Events – Nancy Burkholder
        No report.
      • Fundraising – Joanne Nicklas
        Suggestions from  Diane Dunaway were Tech Transfer Program, not a fundraiser, but the grant could assist membership with comb sterilization which is a great benefit. Queen rearing, educational opportunities.
        Look into the deadline for the Tech Transfer Program grant.
      • Education – Ian Farber
        Working on Zoom presentation for January Meeting. Winter feeding/Spring-oriented education. Face-to-Face Introductory Bee course, tentative in the 2nd, 3rd week of March depending on pandemic restrictions. 
      • Communications – Vacant

6. Date Time and Location of the next meeting:

      • General Meeting Tuesday, January 18th, 2022 @ 6:30 pm via Zoom
      • BOD Meeting Tuesday, February 15th, 2022 @ 6:30 pm

7. Christmas greetings

PDF File of Minutes: 2021-12-21-BOD