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Fundraising / Sponsorships Committee

Fundraising / Sponsorships Committee

The Fundraising committee is responsible for seeking out corporate and private sponsorships which fund the activities of the organization. The fundraising committee coordinates Board efforts to ensure consistent messaging, intent and goals are utilized.


To seek out funding opportunities, whether through corporate or event sponsorships, member renewals or grant sources, that underwrite the financial needs of the organization.
To define, review, and assess annual sponsorship goals and programs to create a sustainable funding base.


The Fundraising Committee reports to the Treasurer, who reports activities to the Board of Directors at each Board Meeting.


The Fundraising Committee ideally shall be comprised of a Chair (Treasurer), 2 Board Directors, and 2 Members.

Quorum for this Committee is a simple majority.

Appointment Duration:

Officers shall be elected for a maximum of one-two (2) year term.

Tasks and Responsibilities

• To conceive, develop and execute an annual sponsorship plan which capitalizes on external corporate funders.
• To conceive, develop and execute an annual sponsorship plan which capitalizes on grant opportunities.
• To oversee the membership renewal process prior to the conclusion of the current fiscal year-end.
• To submit an annual budget including targets and expenses for Board Approval prior to Fiscal Year End, for the coming year.
• To assess and refine financial fundraising plans each year.

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