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Communication Committee

Communication Committee

The Members Communication Committee is tasked with maintaining an effective flow of information regarding the organization and its activities to members. It is a hub for communications and is required to work with all committee chairs to ensure information is collected, disseminated, and archived for future reference. Additionally, this committee will undertake design of communication materials as required.


To ensure that tools, processes and practices exist which provide the highest possible outcomes for member awareness of the club and its activities.
To collect, disseminate, and develop materials necessary to maintain consistent communication with members.


The Member Communication Committee reports to the Board of Directors at each Board Meeting, and to members through regular activities, such as newsletter distribution.


The Member Communication Committee ideally shall be comprised of Chair (Secretary), 1 Board Director, and 3 Members.

Quorum for this Committee is a simple majority.

Appointment Duration:

Officers shall be elected for a maximum of one two (2) year term.

Tasks and Responsibilities

• Collect Information which requires sharing to members, from all committee chairs.
• Collect Provincial and Regional information for re-distribution.
• Create an annual Communications plan for the approval of the Board of Directors.
• Research, develop, maintain, and utilize tools and technologies which promote effective membership communication.

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