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Board Development Committee

Board Development Committee

The Board Development Committee is tasked with recruiting new Board Directors, ensuring that skills and gaps in the Board’s competencies are filled, and that training required for the Board to fulfill competencies is provided.


To ensure that the Board have the knowledge, skill and expertise required to provide effective oversight and management to the organization.
To ensure the measurement of Board perception of competence and skills.


The Board Development Committee reports to the Board of Directors at each Board Meeting.


The Board Development Committee ideally shall be comprised of Chair (1st VP), 1 Board Director (2nd VP), and 2 Members.

Quorum for this Committee is three or a simple 50%.

Appointment Duration:
Officers shall be elected for a maximum of one two (2) year term.
Tasks and Responsibilities

• Conduct annual Board Skills and Competency assessment to identify gaps.
• Recruit Director candidates, conduct candidate interviews, and recommend Board candidates to the Board.
• Coordinate Board learning opportunities to ensure competency needs are met.

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