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Field Day Sunday August 8th!

We’re getting there, and with a bit of perseverance we’ll get through! It’s a FIELD DAY! 
Sunday August 8th at Lomonds’ Apiary near Ashcroft, 11am! 
It’s our first bee gathering in a while, and the planning has been fast and furious! We hope that you can bee there and enjoy the fellowship of our club, the Kamloops Beekeepers Club, Branch of the BCHPA!
Topics to bee covered;
Mite  Assessment, Mite Treatments Fall & Winter, Honey Harvest, and Hive Preparation for Winter, and lots of opportunities to talk bee stuff with your fellow beeks.
Your preparation;
Bring your veil, bee suit, drinks & snacks, lawn chair and questions.(PPE if you are to handle formic acid.) Please consider public health guidelines “wear a mask and/or have been vaccinated”. Respect the current provincial fire regulations considering smoking and use of smokers, and restricted parking of hot vehicles over combustibles. Consideration of our hosts as tenants in that apiary; no toilet facilities available. Presence of bee equipment and dirty clothing present a bio-safety hazard if visitors don’t ensure its disease-free condition. Cactus are present on-site so appropriate footwear is advised! And there may be some “FUNdraising” so come prepared.
A map will be attached below. The general description is, “ westbound from Kamloops, turn right at the truck pullout at the top of the Ashcroft hill, then turn left a short distance down that road into the bee yard that can be seen from the road. Joe is going to mark the way in from the highway with survey ribbon
You can carpool if you call a couple of beekeeper friends. Use our Facebook Page if you wish to ride-share. We really hope that we can have a good turnout and share lots of stories about last year and this! It has been a long time, so let’s make this a real success!
`You may wish to venture on to Desert Hills Farm Market. From Marg; “After the Field Day, some people may be interested in going to Desert Hills Farm Market for veggies and melons.  They would continue down the hill to Ashcroft and take the first left-hand turn, go to the intersection and turn left and continue on until they reach the market.”
This information will be available on our website, kamloopsbeekeepers.com and our new Kamloops Beekeepers Club Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Kamloops-Beekeepers-Club-109719877962719/
This message has been circulated to members of our 2021 membership list. If you know of anyone not receiving these messages, please contact and invite them. Our Facebook Page is a Public Page listed as a Nonprofit Organization and as such is open to public viewing, and non-club members may comment, make a post, and follow if they “Like” the page.
Your secretary;
Robert Hunter
PS Remember that the draught severely affects all living things, plants and animals alike. Make sure that your bees have an uninterrupted source of water. They might start visiting your neighbour’s pool, otherwise, and that’s hard to change!
Also, dry ground affects the effectiveness of your electric fences. Bee sure to ensure that your fences are well-grounded!
PPS What kind of tractor does a beekeeper have?
Map to Lomonds’ Ashcroft Apiary;
GPS: 50.74486799630133, -121.27925093096142
answer: An X-tractor!