A Branch of the British Columbia Honey Producers Association

BOD April 19, 2022

Kamloops Beekeepers Club
General Meeting Minutes, 19 April 2022
Kamloops Home Hardware Building Centre

Present: Duane, Bryce, Ian, Joanne, Nancy, Trish, Dave

Call to order: 18:41

Approve agenda: M Joanne, S Ian, passed
Approve minutes: M Duane, S Nancy, passed

Action items:

Field Day: 23 April. Final details and tasks assigned for follow-up.
Ian: motion to not purchase additional insurance for upcoming field day. S Dave

  • To have EpiPen on site_aware of situation and mitigation of risks
  • Known claims at field days from Cooperators – vehicle accident in parking lot, sting
  • Annual insurance policy $500; covers meetings and all field days
  • Have coverage through Duane’s policy re: his hives. To determine if the apiary property can be added as a covered property?

Vote: no additional insurance unless apiary property is not covered; if not adequately covered we will purchase the annual insurance. All in favour

New Business:

  1. Communications: Trish will reach out to Mac re interest in joining board
  2. Meeting formats:
    General meeting: face to face only: Presenter through Zoom recorded and posted
    Old zoom link to be suspended and new meeting link for general meetings
    Board meeting via zoom
  3. Guest Speaker for May meeting: options
    1. North Shuswap presenter – contact Joe for presenter information
    2. Splits or introduction of new queens
    3. Diane – topic TBD


Committee Reports:

Treasurer: Dave, $12,910 at end of March. Need new interest, members and fundraising opportunities. Bryce will work with media to promote club and field day.

Events: Nancy, Table for Day of the Honeybee at Sat 28th Farmer’s Market. Need volunteers.

Fundraising: Joanne, Selling queen and nuke raffle tickets at field day. Silent auction for items.

Education: Ian, covered previously



BCHPA General meeting is in Kamloops in October. May need assistance. Do need club presence.

June field day/picnic: mid to end of June; need location, check with those we know with property.


Next Meetings: General Meeting: 17th May, 18:30 TRU Scratch kitchen

BOD Meeting: 21st June, 18:30 Virtual

Adjournment: 2 0:28 M Dave

PDF File of minutes: 20220419-BOD-Minutes