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March 2020 Newsletter

March 2020 Newsletter


Springtime and longer days!

Don’t you love it when sun is up and the flowers are about to follow? With the longer days, the bees are active and are wanting some maintenance and sustenance. Spring Management is the topic for the first field day of this year. At our March 17th meeting our guest speaker will prime us for the BCHPA semi-annual meeting, March 27th & 28th. There are requests from the community for “bee talks” at spring break camps, a Film Society show, and schools. Seedy Saturday is upon us to meet with the gardeners of Kamloops. Our field day schedule for the summer is seeking your input. Our club is trying to build a strong base of volunteers and your help is needed. There are lots of ways to help build the club that you want!

First up, quick responses needed for Seedy Saturday, March 14th. Oliver Taylor, director, has been working on a project to supply bee forage planet seeds at the event. See the website and the sign-up sheet to get involved.

Kamloops Film Society has asked that some members of the bee club bee present at the showing of “The Pollinators” on Thursday March 26th. A “bee trivia” format was requested, and a few free admissions are offered. Quick response to Rob Hunter, please.

Another quick response item, beeks who would give short bee talks to kids at Spring break camps. Contact Rob Hunter, Outreach Committee, to volunteer for the Thursday the 26th.

The spring is the time when we are approached by many different groups for bee education visits. If you would offer to share some of your enthusiasm for the little buzzers, please step forward.

BCHPA Semi-annual, March 27th and 28th, has a great theme this year, “The Queen”, and some fun fellowship opportunities. Check our site and the BCHPA site.

At our March meeting, guest speaker, Douglas Gordon, will offer tips and tricks of seasonal value. See you there.

As the beekeeping season progresses, we hope to develop more of our fantastic field days. It is only with your help that these go ahead, and through your commitment that the beekeeping fellowship of our community grows. Contact our 2nd VP, Lawrence Bergstrand to contribute to our May 2nd day or to host another event.

Bee Courses for “learning beekeepers” (aren’t we all in this group?) are scheduled. Ian Farber, BCHPA Certified Instructor offers these courses and can be reached through the website. See Ian’s BCHPA certified course offerings on our website.

Beverly Masurat, director, has volunteered to manage the goodie break at our meetings. She is seeking volunteers to provide some treats for our fellowship breaks at the March meeting. Contact Beverly if you are able to provide.

Murray Willis has volunteered to stand as our candidate as Regional Rep for the Thompson-Nicola region. We have submitted his name to the BCHPA as our candidate for their board.

The Fundraising Committee would like to invite You to consider donating a Raffle Gift for Beekeeper’s TRU meeting Tuesday the 17th . We are always appreciative of Your support of our club. Please inquire or indicate your intention to donate an item, to Steven DeWitt. Be sure to bid on your favourites and enter the 50/50. We’ll see you all there.

We are all getting buzzy with our little fuzzy friends and we all enjoy the exploration and learning that comes with our efforts. Please share some of your enthusiasm and knowledge through the activities of our club. The more that we all are part of the team, the stronger we all become!