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January 2020 Newsletter

January 2020 Newsletter

Wow, winter finally arrived! I hope your bees are doing well! What can we do now that winter’s here? What will we do differently to prepare for next winter? It’s that time of year when we begin to question whether we really did get everything right to maximize the bees best chances of wintering well. In fact, personally, I often wake up with questions floating through my head! Do you?  That is one of the questions that we hope to discuss at the January 21st meeting! Bring in your ideas and experiences to share. Winter is a time of preparation, and we can sow the seeds of beekeeping success with a little help from our friends!

Our new website, kamloopsbeekeepers.com is up and running and ready for your use. In case you haven’t yet had a look, it’s a thing of beauty! When you register you will have access to the whole site, and your name will be registered on the club’s Membership List for 2020. Our email list is to be derived from that Membership List, so only registered members will receive this kind of email notice! Of course FB remains as a channel of communication!

Copied below is an appeal from our Treasurer, David Bruce, who has responsibility for Membership;

Beekeepers old, new, members and non-members,
My name is Dave Bruce and I’m the new Treasurer. I want to welcome you to what I think will be a revitalized club. The new Executive wants to keep things simple and return to our core faction of education.
Our new Website is up (https://www.kamloopsbeekeepers.com/ ) and you can pay through it using Paypal. Joining the BCHPA is required and can be done through their Websitehttp://bchoneyproducers.ca/ .
You may also fill out the paperwork and pay at our next meeting Jan 21st/2020!.
Please come out and join us. If you know beekeepers that haven’t been members for some time please bring them along.
Thanks for your time and I really look forward to seeing you soon.
Dave Bruce

Please be reminded that your 2019 membership expired on Dec 31st, and the grace period ends Jan 31st. Your 2020 registration is current from the moment that you register. Dave also requires help to take registrations at the meeting! It appears that there may be a rush of paper & cheque registrations at the meeting on the 21st. Please contact treasurer@kamloopsbeekeepers.com

As Dave points out, our new 2020 Executive has chosen to adopt a new direction. With the help of Jeremy Heighton, a business development specialist, we would like to gather your input to make the Kamloops Beekeepers into the club that our members need and deserve!

Jeremy Heighton will be our guest on Jan 21st to explain his role and an approach that we might take to revitalize our club. Please come out and share your vision of the Kamloops Beekeepers for 2020 and beyond! With our newly elected officers in place, we are excited to set our sights on your goals and get underway to building a strong beekeeping community in Kamloops!

Dave has requested that a telephone committee be activated to bring in members who might be missing these newsletters or who need a little connection with the club again. Interested in helping out? Contact treasurer@kamloopsbeekeepers.com

Emphasizing our mandate for beekeeper education, we hope to have an Education Session on the 21st that is an open forum of sharing and problem-solving. In an open forum we hope that YOU will ask and answer many of our shared questions and experiences in beekeeping. This is the best way to get local knowledge first-hand. No more “internet experts” (who just happen to have strong opinions about beekeeping in Georgia, or somewhere else!). So, we’re relying on all of our members, present and past, to come out and share their knowledge and questions! Please make an extra effort to bring in your newbee and your experienced friends and make this a success. Bring you questions and hacks! Besides, the fellowship is priceless!

Other club news: we have a storage spot for our club trailer! John McCurrach of Purity Feed has offered to allow us storage in the yard in town! The price couldn’t be better, either! Thank you very much to John and the staff of Purity! We appreciate all the support that you give to the beekeepers of Kamloops!

Thanks to the members who volunteer and bring in goodies for us to enjoy at our meetings. This month they are Al Wylie, Marg Lomond and Beverly Masurat. A coffee host is needed and volunteer/s would be appreciated. To volunteer, please contact executive@kamloopsbeekeepers.com Thank you.

Steven deWitt, director, has put together some great swag for our raffle on the 21st. Along with that fundraiser there will be club T-shirts and Club 2020 Beekeeping calendars available. It’s easy to get them there at this meeting! If you have a contribution to make for raffle or wish to help Steven, please contact stevedekam@shaw.ca

Kamloops Beekeepers were invited to attend the Kamloops Film Society showing of Honeyland on the 9th. Several members were able to talk bees with those attending. Some prospective newbees were in the audience and were inspired to start beekeeping the right way with a proper course. (Heads up and Thanks, Ian) Thanks to those members in attendance. There is another opportunity to talk bees with a community group, Probus, on Feb.6th. This adult group, like many others, shares an interest in community and personal development. Please help us promote community education and awareness through our education outreach activities! Contact secretary@kamloopsbeekeepers.com

With the new website under development, there is a need to develop the content that really represents who the Kamloops Beekeepers are! The winter is the perfect time to customize the website to carry the message that we want to send. Oliver Taylor, director, has put in a huge amount of time to guide the development of the new kamloopsbeekeepers.com site. A HUGE thanks goes out to Oliver and the website committee! Now we would like to keep the content current and meaningful to our needs. Manpower….you guessed it! Yes, we need you! As a Bee City, we would like to promote the well beeing of all pollinators! As a beekeeping community, we would like to bring in those beekeepers who aren’t part of this community! As advocates for sustainable agriculture and biodiversity, we would like to develop this aspect of our group! If you think you can contribute, please contact executive@kamloopsbeekeepers.com

PS This newsletter serves as the agenda to the meeting on the 21st. That’s correct, an informal agenda! Under our plan to restructure, business will be done at Executive meetings and reported on the secure website. You can follow the links in the newsletters to get involved in club activities. You can follow the secure links to Executive Minutes on the website. The AGM is the place where you can get into club business in detail. We hope that this small change will be a big boost to our ability to meet our objectives.

Robert Hunter