A Branch of the British Columbia Honey Producers Association

    February 2020 Newsletter

Valentine’s Day & Leap Year!


    As spring creeps up on us it starts to look like “where did the time go?!” If you’re giving Valentine’s treats to your bees, honey and fondant are considered suitable for her majesty and the royal family. Along those lines, too, don’t forget about the BCHPA semi-annual conference coming up next month. Take a look for details and registration info on the BCHPA website.

    Your board of directors have been working on the Board Development initiative that was described at the January meeting. Also, with a business meeting scheduled for the 18th, this message will give you an idea of the business that is on the agenda. While still subject to revision, the agenda includes;

KBC Executive Mtg #2 Feb 18th 5:30pm 2020 Agenda

Old Business:

Appointments; President, 1st VP, Treasurer, Directors

Treasurer’s report & Signing Authority

Registration & Membership

Club Calendar; Field Days, 

Communications; website, FaceBook, Newsletters/ email, directors’ email group,

Executive Development 

Club Assets & Storage; Trailer, Education Materials, other

Regional Rep to BCHPA

New Business:

Executive Development; the next step 

Committees; Seedy Saturday, FB & web development, fundraising, fellowship,

Education; March Ed Component

Field Days; Spring, ….etc

Coffee/Fellowship Committee

CHC Pollinator Plant publication



Seedy Saturday

     So much to do! In moving the business out of the bi-monthly meetings, it leaves much to be done! If you have input on any of these topics, or are able to contribute to your club by taking on any of these jobs, please contact any of the executive through the website email;


     Spring and gardens, gardens and pollinators! Love and Valentines! The Kamloops Beekeepers try to represent the pollinators and educate about honeybees at Seedy Saturday. Two of our directors, Oliver Taylor and Steven deWitt have taken on the job of education there, this year. If you can contribute part of your day to represent bees and beekeeping, please sign  up on the open document below. Contact Oliver or Steve through our web Contact page. Please look on the website for more information.

Here’s the sign up link;