A Branch of the British Columbia Honey Producers Association

School & Classroom Outreach.

Kamloops Beekeepers School & Classroom Outreach

The Kamloops Branch of the BC Honey Producers Association follows the mandate of promoting education among beekeepers and the public, about the value of honeybees and other pollinators. We have a small group of dedicated member-beekeepers who sometimes are able to make scheduled visits to schools or the Big Little Science Centre to talk to school age children about honeybees and beekeeping. We ask that the groups requesting these sessions make a nominal honorarium/donation to the Kamloops Beekeepers of minimum $25 /class, to help offset expenses that the club and members incur. 

Please ensure that inquiries are made at least a month in advance. Remember that bees (and beekeepers) are very busy throughout the spring and summer as you plan your class activities.

We try to meet requests from school groups as a priority but may be able to visit other community non-profit groups as members may make themselves available. Please fill out our contact form to request a beekeeper.