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April 2020

April 2020 Newsletter

We are all in this together! Yes it will pass, and the better job that we all do now, the less will be the pain and suffering that will come of it!

The field days for this spring season are not able to go ahead under the present public health guidelines. Our May 2nd event is not going ahead as planned. 

You probably expected April showers, but what we got was April snow flakes! That, too, has (probably) passed. The bees don’t really care, they are on a schedule and it’s going ahead as planned. We can still visit our bees, under safe conditions, of course! (warmer than 12C, low wind speeds, keep things covered as much as possible, CHECK THOSE MITE COUNTS!, etc) Make sure that the bees have feed that they can reach, get the bottom boards cleaned out, and look for signs of pollen coming in to indicate that brood is being reared and that the queen is active. But don’t go looking for the queen, yet! 

It’s time to prepare your equipment and there’s still lots of time, while we’re at home, to learn all (the good stuff anyway) that the internet has to offer! 

We’ll be able to get together around a bee hive sometime, but in the meanwhile, stay safe and don’t spread anything, except love!

Robert Hunter